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Fietscafe 12 pers. per hour: 65 euro (minimal 2 hours)
per day: 225 euro
Fietscafe 17 pers. per hour: 75 euro (minimal 2 hours)
per day: 275 euro


20 litres (Amstel): 80 euro (on tap)
30 litres (Amstel): 100 euro (on tap)
50 litres (Amstel): 150 euro (on tap)
Sodas: 2,50 euro per 1,5 litre
Wines: 7,50 euro per bottle
Deposit: 150 euro

Attention: We do not calculate extra waiting hours or similar unexpected costs.
We anlo calculate the costs for rent + transport + drinks.
When you rent one of our bikes, both renter and driver have to sign different contracts.
The driver has to sign a contract for not using alcohol or drugs before or during the tour.
The driver has to stay sober at all times. Both driver and renter have to show their ID.

Why the Fietscafe?

  • you choose your own driver
  • full insurance
  • worlds most rented beer bike
  • full options beer bike
  • most reliable beer bike
  • we deliver anywhere