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Pedaling Party....
A mobile pub, that is the best description of the Fietscafe. On the Fietscafe is room for 10 to 17 people. Provided with 10 freewheels, so not everybody has to pedal. We look after the beer and/or drinks. You can bring your own muziek by (mp3-) cds.

The idea for building the Fietscafe has arisen as a result of sitting too long at a bar. The owner of a local pub in the Netherlands wanted to promote his pub at a parade on Queens Day. Henk en Zwier van Laar invented and developed a multi persons bike, the forerunner of Het Fietscafe.

The company Het Fietscafe had it's official start in 2000. Currently we rent out over 27 bikes. If neccessary, we can even get more bikes, provided by our customers who purchased one or more of our bikes.

We have sold these bikes all over the world, like Germany (50 bikes), USA (11 bikes) and Belgium (2 bikes).

We even sold bikes to Danmark, Spain, Japan, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia and Israel.

Why the Fietscafe?

  • you choose your own driver
  • full insurance
  • worlds most rented beer bike
  • full options beer bike
  • most reliable beer bike
  • we deliver anywhere